The Webmistress

The Nerd

If you have ever heard the words: “Total Nerd” then you probably already know the quickest way to describe me. I am an avid Video Game Junkie, and have been playing console and PC games since I developed the ability to push buttons as a small child.

My love of computers emerged when I was roughly five years old, mostly due to the fact that my Dad worked with PC’s as far back as the days of punch-card computing and lovingly fostered my personal interest in technology. Somewhere between figuring out how to steal internet access and getting my feet wet in programming I discovered the idea of Web Design, and have enjoyed learning how to code and decorate multiple corners of the web in various ways: from the godless train-wreck of the 1990’s Geocities drag and drop web-builder, all the way up to PHP and SQL databases.

My adoration of Table Top RPGs came much later, but ever since discovering their existence I have jumped into them with unbridled joy. I find them not only an amazing way to spend time with friends, but also as an amazing creative outlet for the child in me who loved fantasy novels and dreamed about being a writer.

The Programmer & Designer


I didn’t start taking Web Design or Programming particularly seriously until much later in my life. They had always been hobbies to me, but I had never seriously considered making a full time career out of pounding out code – furthermore, with so many amazing and talented friends of mine who already worked in these fields, I never really felt as though I could quite catch up to their skill levels.

It wasn’t until I went back to college to finish my four year that I really leaned into making my hobbies into a full-time career, and I couldn’t be happier! The return to University also sparked my interest in widening the pipeline for Women in STEM fields, which is the focus of most of my vocational and volunteer work hours.

The Fur-Mommy

When I’m not smothering my fiance William with love and affection, my second outlet are all of my wonderful fur-babies who I adore with all of my being. I have always absolutely adored animals and secretly foster a dream of owning a large farm and adopting every fuzzy creature that has ever needed a home (up to and including rescued dairy cows and retired horses!). Luckily my better half is reasonably capable of reining in my animal fervor, and has (so far) restricted me to the four little fuzzy darlings you can see below!

Don Karnage

Tiger Baby


Little Missy