The internet has been positively abuzz with what everyone has picked for their 2017 Resolution, and I’m sitting here sipping my coffee trying to figure out if I should change out of my pajamas or not.

It should be absolutely no surprise to anyone who knows me that my entire 2016 experience was a glorious mixture of some astoundingly awesome highs, but also an epic shit show on several other fronts, which I have lovingly compiled below:

Highlights of 2016

  • Did amazing in all of my classes
  • Met some pretty frickin’ awesome people who absolutely make life worth living
  • Was introduced to a smattering of tabletop games (Arkham Horror anyone?)
  • Worked on multiple amazing projects (and with teams of folks who did not suck balls)
  • Took part in 2 awesome conferences to present my work & won a few awards
  • Got Engaged!

Stank parts of 2016

  • My Mother died in a house fire the day after my fiance’s birthday
  • Have had to deal with sorting out my Mums estate
  • A tree fell on our condo
  • Our central AC Unit released the magic smoke and abruptly died
  • Decided I couldn’t reconcile my love of animals and eat them so I decided to go vegetarian/vegan
  • David Bowie, Harper Lee, Alan Rickman, Arnold Palmer & Carrie Fisher died.

I could honestly go on for days in regards to both columns, but I don’t want to fret so much about the things that have happened in the past (they are after all, done and over with), and with everything that I already have in the works for 2017, I’m starting my New Year with what I can only describe as tumultuous excitement.

My 2017 Resolution — Getting It Done!

Big changes for the year include the re-branding of my blog Eclipsed Moon over to That’s Pretty Geeky. This switch-over has been on my list of projects for over a year, but I had never quite managed to take the plunge and move everything over. I suppose that the time never quite felt right, and I could never decide how to organize all of my old posts and have the same look and feel that I wanted my blog to take on for the future.

After all, I’m turning 30 this April, I’m a grown up now! I wanted a blog where I could swear as much as I wanted but still look like a actual functioning adult blogged here, but I also wanted a space where I could¬†feel I could ramble on about topics that ranged from makeup to video games and back again. This is the result of that desire. I hope you like it!

I can’t wait to start blogging again and sharing everything from my personal projects to my current video game insanity (and maybe even a few recipes that I’ve found and want to share with everyone!). I’ve been away from the blog-o-sphere for far too long, and I’m looking forward to returning with a fervor.

So when picking out my resolution for 2017 I decided that it should be something that also sums up the spirit and hope for That’s Pretty Geeky:


Less Ass, More Sass

See you on the blogger side!