My February 2018 Moodboard! – All of the fun and beautiful things that I have found so far this February are gathered below for your viewing enjoyment! Did any of it spark a moment of <3 in your heart or imagination? Comment below and let me know what inspired YOU this February!

What kept your heart and mind full this February? Did you have a word of the year, or a monthly goal in mind to help keep you moving forward? Personally, I enjoy gathering up all of the things that spark my imagination and putting them into one place. While some people call these vision boards, I prefer the term Moodboard.

Our aesthetics change throughout the year due to a number of factors. What we like one month might change the next due to things like the current weather, or even what holidays are coming up. I find it fun to look back and see what inspired me at different points in my life, and why my tastes changed over time.

Note: Some of the pins might link to purchasable fonts or other items. I receive no compensation for linking them here, the pictures just fill me with inspiration and joy!

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My Favorite Desktop Wallpapers this February

February 2018 Favorites

Twitter Giggles & Gems

February Finds! (on Etsy!)