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Femme Finds: Shopping, Hauls, Makeup Reviews & Subscription Boxes!

Femme Finds is my collection of makeup brand reviews, online shopping tips, Etsy Shop Reviews. I even house my Blog & Social Media related Giveaways in this section! Essentially this is the area of my website where I post anything to do with shopping or purchasable goods.

Every post in this section that is a review is 100% un-sponsored. I have never, nor will I ever receive financial compensation for a review, or accept financial compensation to try a product that I am considering reviewing. I believe in honest, true reviews from the perspective of a customer and consumer. It is my personal opinion that a person can not give an honest review of a product as a customer unless a product has been paid for by the reviewer.

If I were to ever receive a product in PR, I would only write a positive review it if I purchased a new version of the item, which will then be used in a giveaway. Furthermore, the fact that I received an item in PR will be posted at the top of the post in plain clear English and easy to see. If I receive an item in PR that I do not like, I will post my honest, negative opinion and then throw away the item.

Femme Finds: Makeup and Skincare Reviews

While I don’t consider myself a Beauty Guru, I do love playing with makeup on my own time. I really enjoy trying out new products to keep my skin looking young and playing with color on my face. From Liquid Lipstick Reviews, Makeup Brand Reviews, Makeup Brushes and even acid treatments to clear up your skin, I’ve tried just about everything.

My goal is to help you find some of the best Holy Grail items out there, and steer you away from my missteps when trying new products in the hopes that you can find the best products out there at the best prices on the market.