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Shopping and Hauls – Shopping Tips, Tricks & Great Finds!

Shopping and Hauls YouTube videos are one of my favorite things to watch online. I love shopping, it is one of my favorite pastimes and I love reading or watching reviews of new brands. Because of my enjoyment, I wanted to share some of my finds with the rest of the world here on my blog. From Etsy Shop Reivews to sharing my experiences with both new and established brands. I am incredibly excited to share my finds with you all!

Online Store Reviews & Online Shop Brand Reviews, Etsy Shop Reviews

Who doesn’t love trying out new brands? From small Etsy Shops to Indie Makeup Brands I try to order from one new shop a week to see what all is out there to try! From Makeup and Skincare to Planner & Stationery stores on Etsy and Amazon I search everywhere online to share anything worth mentioning so that you can find the best products out there at the best price. Make sure to check out my Holy Grail tag to find my absolute best shopping and haul finds ever!

Target Dollar Spot New Releases

The Target Dollar Spot is one of my favorite places to look for cute stationery and sticky notes ever! Not to mention that the prices top out at approximately $5. I generally stop by my local target at least once a week and poke through the items that they have there to see what all is available. Depending on the week I’ll invest anywhere between $5-$10 in new stationery as a little gift to myself for completing another great week! (It’s important to treat yourself after all!) Because I know how many people LOVE the Dollar spot, I decided I would make a note of any new releases here in case anyone was interested – AND – Because I know not everyone has access to a Target, saving up a bunch of the goodies and hosting a giveaway soon!

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes, Subscription Boxes for Women

Subscription boxes are like getting Christmas Presents throughout the year. What’s not to love? But lets face it, they can get really pricey extremely quickly. From geeky loot crates to beauty subscription boxes like Boxy Charm it can be hard to decide which boxes to try out, or even to keep around in the long run. Check out our subscription box reviews to see which items are worth your money and which boxes are not worth your time. Unfortunately I am only subscribing to geek related or subscription boxes for women at this time. Sorry guys!

Best Subscription Boxes, Monthly Boxes, & Beauty Subscription Boxes

What are the best subscription boxes out there on the market? Are they monthly boxes, quarterly subscription boxes? Do they ship quickly & with a tracking number? What beauty subscription boxes even have items that you want? Whenever I review a subscription box I make sure to take the time to compare the items that I receive to what I paid. Am I getting great products that I might actually want to use in the future? Are they sending out new brands? Are the products even good? I do my best to break down the boxes point by point so you can make the most educated decision on if a subscription box is right for you.

Tips and Tricks for Shopping Online, How to Protect Yourself When Online Shopping

Hackers are getting smarter, and not all online stores do everything that they can to keep your information safe. Nothing is worse than waking up and seeing purchases you didn’t make on your card or seeing accounts opened in your name. To keep yourself safe, I make a point to compile lists of ways to keep yourself safe when shopping online. From keeping yourself safe when buying items from the Facebook Market Place and Craigslist, to simple ways to keep your credit card safe when shopping online I want to make sure that you are able to keep your money where it belongs – in your account!