While I’m not normally a big fan of mystery novels or “who done it ” books in general, there are a few series that I tend to follow with a great deal of enthusiasm and the original 3 books of Stieg Larsson’s¬†Millennium series was a set of books that I literally devoured in the span of a week. It wasn’t so much the fact that the books were well-written (which, to be fair, they WERE well written, however, he does fall into the Anne Rice pit of taking forever to describe the scenery which can get a bit onerous after awhile) but I really enjoyed the characters and overarching story. All of the characters that were introduced really and truly felt organic and rich. I was extremely saddened to find out that there were originally supposed to be a total of 9 books int he series but Larsson unfortunately died in 2004 before he could finish them.

Fast forward to 2015 and in some amazing twist of fate an author was located to continue the series based on Larsson’s original notes. The Girl in the Spider’s web was written by David Lagercrantz after being given the green light to continue with the books.

In all honestly, I was surprised by how similar the two actually felt while reading them.

Issues: I don’t think Larsson has a full understanding of how all the technology he is talking about works per-se, I don’t think that this would be as awful to some people reading the book, but as someone with an IT background I did find this a bit irritating at times.

Lisbeth was also made a bit softer at times and lost some of that cold logic that we had come to recognize as a part of her character and upbringing. She is displayed as more lonely and isolated and that it bothers her rather than actually preferring to be left alone. I don’t think that the decision she made in this book did not match with her character, but I did feel as though her POV reasoning for making them didn’t hold 100% true to the LIsbeth we knew from the original books. This doesn’t ruin the character for me, I still love her and her ruthlessness and calculating logic, but I’m beginning to get the feeling that we are being set up for a romance that doesn’t fit with her character, or would have been a slow burn development if Larsson had been around to write the books.