For someone who isn’t a practitioner of witchcraft, I own a great number of Wicca or witchcraft related books for reference when building my tabletop RPG worlds or creating interesting plot hooks for my players to work through. While a lot of symbols or meanings might be common knowledge, having a easy to flip-through book or encyclopedia packed with astrological signatures and notes on ‘folklore’ can be incredibly helpful when it comes to creating a unique and fleshed out environment for your players.

From notes on astrology, to references on teas, oils, herbs and rituals The Grimoire for the Green Witch a Complete Book of Shadows by Ann Moura is an absolutely amazing collection of charts and figures that are easy to understand for those who practice Witchcraft, or those who are just looking for an easy to flip through encyclopedia in regards to traditional green magicks.

I would like to take a moment to note that although I am doing a general overview of this book for it’s use as a tabletop role playing game reference encyclopedia, this book’s primary purpose is meant to act as a supplemental text for an actual religion, and thus the information contained within should be treated with the utmost respect and open-minded consideration.

Using Grimoire for the Green Witch in World Building

The complete book of shadows is jam packed with references that you can use as reference for your own world, here are a few of the highlights that I find the most useful in my world-building. I am also going to include some page numbers in case you want to look at this book in a store and don’t have tons of time.

  • A List of the Wheel of the Year, the Sabbats, and basic notes on each Sabbat (page 10) – Great to use as a jumping off point for coming up with your world’s observances and festivals, and why certain festivals are generally observed during certain seasons.
  • Symbols & Signs (page 18) – Great reference sheet for different symbols that you can incorporate for any number of reasons in your game. From elements, seasons, astrology and tools this chart can help you crate puzzles or ‘signs’ for your adventurers to follow.
  • Runic & Ogham Alphabets (page 25) – Write up codes or clues, or have your players look up ciphers for a text Final Fantasy X style!
  • Esbat & Sabbat Rituals (page 67) – Overview of how altars and castings associated with different Esbats (lunar celebrations based on different stages of the moon’s cycle). Sabbat rituals start on page 81.You can use this information to create even more festivals or determine when certain ceremonies or plot points might take place.
  • Rituals (page 133) – An entire chapter devoted to rituals, ranging from suggested times for each ritual and how they are performed. This section came in great use to me whenever my players had to do a large-scale magical ritual and made tasks for how to prepare for it. (Summoning gods, reviving a fallen ally etc.)

Other Uses for Grimoire for the Green Witch in Tabletop RPG Gameplay

The Witch’s Sigil Wheel located on page 195 could be used to create sigils and signs specific to an NPC or a party member. By utilizing the wheel your wizard could create their personal explosive rune symbol that they can become notorious for, or you can create a sign for your world’s major religion or god.

The Color Correspondences & Daily Influences charts (page 196-197) can help you create holy day s for specific gods in your system or to give your spell-casters a little more flair by helping them pick out the color of their personal magic that fits with their personality and style. The Incense list on page 202 can be used to help add an extra layer of immersion to holy temples that your players visit, as could the essential oils listed on page 203. The planetary associations on page 205 could easily be swapped out with the planets in your own universe and assist you in creating your own planetary chart and pantheon of gods associated with each star.

I could go on with how you could use each chart to add an extra layer of dimension to your game’s world; however, the point is that you take this book and use it to help expand your imagination and your world-building skills.

What Grimoire for the Green Witch Won’t Do for World Building

This grimoire will not offer you a cookie-cutter template for creating your own festivals and an outline for creating your gods and pantheon. It won’t give you an easy way to build a new class for your system. It also won’t help you min/max a cleric or a druid style character.

Some Ways I’ve Used Grimoire for the Green Witch for World Building

I’ve utilized this book for several purposes (some hinted at in the original overview of the text) however; I have used it to accomplish the following tasks or make my games more flavorful by:

  • Adding cultural festivals to certain cities depending on what types of gods they follow.
  • Creating my own unique fully-fleshed pantheon to my world.
  • Making a homebrew hedge-witch class
  • Creating traps, tricks & puzzles with sigils and signs referenced from the book
  • Harassed a wizard by changing the color of his magic depending on where he fell on the alignment scale.
  • Made ritual casting more in-depth, and added an air of realism to their casting. Also, this helped me turn more of the major rituals my players take part in (such as a resurrection ritual) more in-depth, the players had to locate the needed items, create the ritual and perform necessary skill checks in order to complete a ritual.
  • Endlessly referenced for Call of Cthulhu games.

Final Thoughts

Do you have to have this book to help you build your world? In short, no. But if you are interested in creating an extra air of realism to your magic system or want to make your own pantheon or religious system to your game, I feel as though this book might be worth a browse.

Also, as far as Call of Cthulhu games are concerned, I feel as though this book would be an invaluable resource to pull upon. I just about broke the spine in half when making a campaign for that system.

If you remember to use this book as a reference and a source of inspiration, the possibilities with this book are almost limitless.