Image displaying the Habitica Website & Two Dragons

Would you like to turn your daily tasks into experience and gold? Well, look no further than Habitica, the browser & mobile game you can use to level up your life!

While I am a huge fan of paper planning (I bet you never could have guessed!) There is something to be said about digitizing task lists – for one: it does save paper, secondly: dealing with recurring tasks is a hell of a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about writing them down over and over again. This is where Habitica steps in to save my hair from being torn out of my skull. This To-Do List Application speaks to my inner Geek by mixing my two favorite things in life: Planning & RPGs.

Image displaying Katherine's Level 5 Habitica Avatar

Pets may be customized via hatching potions!

Whenever you check off an item on your Habitica task-list you not only feel the joy of a task well done, you also gain sweet, sweet experience, gold and (sometimes) item drops for your effort. You can then turn around and use those rewards to purchase items such as armor & pets to decorate your bad-ass little avatar!

There are also guilds you can join to chat with other users (most seem to be interest or habit-focused based, such as a guild for those who are trying to quit smoking or a programmers guild). Or, If you happen to make some friends (or manage to force some of your IRL peeps into the game) you may then form parties and go on quests and adventures for even greater rewards! (I haven’t really had the opportunity to try out parties yet because… I have no friends in the game yet.)

The game has a relatively small learning curve and the Android phone application is nice and sleek (and purple!) – and I have found that it is a pretty fun way to track my small daily tasks in a fun and rewarding way. While I personally do not utilize the website version of the game, if you tend to work at a desk and have to repeat the same tasks over and over, this might be a fun way to break up the tedium of your day:


Image displaying the Habitica Task List Dashboard

The Habitica website dashboard divides itself between the three types of lists: Habits, Dailies & To-Do’s.


The important thing to remember with Habitica is that it is a List/Habit management system, not a scheduling assistant, so if you are looking for a replacement for say: Google Calendar or iCalendar then this is not the application you are looking for; however, if you would like a cute little game that allows you to dress up an avatar and be rewarded for remembering to brush your teeth everyday, this just might be the app you’re looking for.