Manipura Chakra Correspondences

Sanskrit Name: Manipura
Element: Fire
Color: Yellow
Physical Systems: Adrenal Glands
Organs: Pancreas, Liver, Stomach
Function: To Act; To Will
Blocked By: Shame, Uncertainty
Planet(s): Sun, Mars
Herbs: Cinnamon, Ginger
Incense: Saffron, Musk, Sandalwood

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The Solar Plexus Chakra: The Third Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is located between your solar plexus and your navel. It acts as the center of our Identity, personality and ego.

As the center of our willpower, this chakra is also where we form our perception of who we are. When we draw energy from this Chakra, we are able to sense our personal strength and power. This chakra may be tapped to help bolster our self-confidence and courage and help us face life’s challenges. This chakra is also responsible for how reliable we are to others.

As the chakra whose function is to act, this Chakra give us the strength to transform inertia into action. If you are feeling a lack of drive or creativity, tap into your Solar Plexus Chakra for an extra boost of energy.

Manipura Chakra Meditation | Yellow Chakra Meditation

Your Solar Plexus Chakra is the point from which you project your power and charisma into the world. This chakra is ruled by the element of fire and just as water when heated transforms into vapor so does this chakra empower transformation in your life. To meditate on the powers of this chakra and your inner strength, try the following exercise:

Sit cross-legged on the ground with your palms facing up. Imagine for a moment a flame dances in your dominate hand. How big is it? Is it but a small thing, or a raging inferno? Consider this flame, for it is your courage and inner strength. If it is small, think: why so? If it is bold and immense wonder: why must it burn so bright? Just as a small fire has a higher chance of being snuffed out without warning, a large flame cannot continue without continually being fed. Your flame must reach a balance – a fire that is strong enough not to be snuffed out by the changing breeze, but also small enough to require minimal effort to maintain.

Your fire’s strength is your ego. If your flame is too small, ask yourself why you are lacking in fuel. Explore what is preventing you from feeding the flames of your inner strength and puzzle your way to resolution. If your flame is too bright, assume that you have become arrogant, and admit your sources of pride to yourself to reclaim control of your inferno.

When you are finished with this exercise. You will have found deeper understanding of what factors are most important to your self-esteem. What bolsters you and makes you proud? What doubts hinder your self confidence? These are vital things to know in order to maintain a healthy self-image and balanced mind.

3rd Chakra Blockage & Solar Plexus Chakra Imbalances

Like all other major chakras, a blockage in your third chakra can make itself known in both physical and emotional ways.

Emotionally a blocked third chakra can lead to low self-esteem, over-sensitivity to criticism and attention seeking. These blocks make it harder to enjoy the things in life that should bring you pride and a sense of accomplishment.

Physical manifestations of your yellow chakra can include insomnia – often due to reliving embarrassing moments. Other health disorders include ulcers and muscle spasms. Poor appetite or food rejection are often considered results of an overloaded Manipura chakra. Others believe that an imbalance in this chakra are shown through general muscle fatigue.

Third Chakra Healing | Manipura Chakra Healing & Manipura Chakra Stones

Disclaimer: If you are experiencing physical or emotional symptoms of what you believe to be a Manipura Chakra Imbalance, I strongly suggest that you first seek professional medical or psychological help before attempting to heal yourself with stones, crystals or any other type of homeopathic remedy. 

While meditation is often considered one of the best ways to heal your third chakra if suffering from an imbalance, there are other methods that are recommended for healing. Aids of chakra stones such as yellow citrine, amber and tigers eye are considered some of the best crystals to assist in chakra healing meditation of the Manipura.

Aromatherapy is also considered an acceptable healing method. While citrus based essential oils are often used, the above correspondences table shows that cinnamon and ginger are also great aids for aiding in the healing of this chakra. (Personal Note: If you are experiencing stomach related issues, ginger in my personal experience is great for the ease of stomach related ailments such as nausea or stress related stomach pain.)

Yoga is also a recommendation for the balancing of all chakras. However, the warrior pose is ideal for opening your Manipura chakra. This pose strengthens and stretches your lower abdominal muscles and opens your core. To compound the healing of your third chakra, try doing yoga outside in the sun, as you will draw strength from it’s heat to revitalize this fiery chakra.