Sanskrit Name: Muladhara “Root Support”
Element: Earth
Color: Red
Physical Systems: Skeletal
Organs: Teeth, Large Intestines
Function: To Have
Blocked By: Fear
Planet(s): Saturn, Earth
Herbs: Sage
Incense: Cedar

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The Root Chakra: A Brief Explanation

Connecting you and grounding you to the earth, the Root Chakra acts as your first bridge between earth, body and spirit. Located at the very base of your spine and extending up your first three vertebrae, this Chakra actually touches the earth when you sit on the ground. This base chakra is your most instinctual of your seven Chakras and is tasked with acting as the center of your survival instincts and can be drawn upon  when you require courage or strengthen your will.

Root Chakra Meditation

Often during meditation, we practice the art of “grounding” ourselves. This act reinforces our connection with the earth, and allows us to release negative energy. The process of grounding also allows us to begin to focus our spiritual energies and find our center, and this process always begins with the Root Chakra.

When you sit on the ground with your legs crossed, your tailbone will come in contact with the earth. Imagine for a moment that you are a tree, and your root chakra is your base. Focus your energy downward, as though roots are springing from your Chakra into the earth. Can you feel the pulse of the earth beneath you? As you allow the stress and pain to drain down from your body and out through these roots, new clean energy flows back into you and stabilizes you. This is what is known as grounding.

Base Chakra Blockage & Muladhara Imbalances

All major Chakras have a physical and emotional counterpart. If you are experiencing a block in your Muladhara Chakra then this may manifest physically as joint pain, bladder or constipation issues. Other Root Chakra blockage physical symptoms can include lower back or leg problems. Emotionally a base chakra blockage can manifest as fear, nightmares, continual anxiety and in rare cases paranoia. Essentially when your Muladhara is blocked then your survival instincts (on some level) go into overdrive.

If you are unsure what a chakra blockage is, please read my brief overview of Chakras and basic terminology.

Root Chakra Healing & Root Chakra Stones

Disclaimer: If you are experiencing physical or emotional symptoms of what you believe to be a Root Chakra Imbalance, I strongly suggest that you first seek professional medical or psychological help before attempting to heal yourself with stones, crystals or any other type of homeopathic remedy. 

Stones and Crystals are often believed to aid you in the pursuit of healing a damaged or blocked Chakra. In the case of the Muladhara, Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz & Hematite are the most common stones to serve this purpose. These stones can be used as a focus when you meditate, or can be placed on the body in the efforts to help you open a previously blocked chakra.