The Webmistress

The Nerd

If you have ever heard the words: “Total Nerd” then you probably already know the quickest way to describe me. I am an avid Video Game Junkie, and have been playing console and PC games since I developed the ability to push buttons as a small child.

My love of computers emerged when I was roughly four years old, mostly due to the fact that my Dad worked with PC’s as far back as the days of punch-card computing and lovingly fostered my personal interest in technology. Somewhere between figuring out how to steal internet access and getting my feet wet in programming I discovered Web Design, and have enjoyed learning how to code and decorate multiple corners of the web in various ways: from the godless train-wreck of the 1990’s Geocities drag and drop web-builder, all the way up to PHP, SQL and RESTful application design.

My adoration of Table Top RPGs came much later, but ever since discovering their existence I have jumped into them with unbridled joy. I find them not only an amazing way to spend time with friends, but also as an amazing creative outlet for the child in me who loved fantasy novels and dreamed about being a writer. I not only participate in games as a player, but I have also been a Dungeon Master for over 10 years. (And in case you are wondering, my favorite class is the fighter, specifically the Eldritch Knight.) My online handle (Alceriniel) is even based off of my very first ever tabletop RPG character. (Who was actually an Elf Wizard)

Video Games have been in my life for as long as I remember. We had the original NES in my house when I was a child, and every console system from that point on. The first game I ever went insane over was Harvest Moon 64, and Resident Evil on the original Sony PlayStation was what sparked my love of survival horror. These days I mostly split my time between PC gaming and the PlayStation 4. While I tend to stick to RPGs and Survival Horror, I also throw in some FPS and Simulation games as well.

The Programmer & Designer


I didn’t start taking Web Design or Programming particularly seriously until much later in my life. They had always been hobbies to me, but I had never seriously considered making a full time career out of pounding out code – furthermore, with so many amazing and talented friends of mine who already worked in these fields, I never really felt as though I could quite catch up to their skill levels.

It wasn’t until I went back to college to finish my four year that I really leaned into making my hobbies into a full-time career, and I couldn’t be happier! The return to University also sparked my interest in widening the pipeline for Women in STEM fields, which is the focus of most of my vocational and volunteer work hours.

When I’m not playing video games or working on this blog. I spend my time working as a full time web developer and SEO optimizer in corporate America.

The Fur-Mommy

When I’m not smothering my fiance husband William with love and affection, my second outlet are all of my wonderful fur-babies who I adore with all of my being. I have always absolutely adored animals and secretly foster a dream of owning a large farm and adopting every fuzzy creature that has ever needed a home (up to and including rescued dairy cows and retired horses!). Luckily my better half is reasonably capable of reining in my animal fervor, and has (so far) restricted me to the four little fuzzy darlings you can see below!

Don Karnage

Tiger Baby


Little Missy

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been playing video games?

Since I was very little, like, before primary school little. My Dad jumped on the computer train when it first started to take off so we always had access to technology in my house. I don’t think we had an Atari console (but I was so young I wouldn’t have been able to remember). But I do know for a fact that we had an original NES system and I played Super Mario Bros with my brother on it.

Since then I’ve played games on almost every console that has been released.

How long have you been playing Tabletop RPGs?

I had known about them for awhile, but I didn’t start playing them until I initially went to college. The group of friends that I found were really big into them and I was happy to join in. It was a fun way to bridge my love of fantasy and the video games with the desire to actually having my decisions have an outcome on the actual story.

As much as I love video games, you don’t get the same satisfaction of feeling like your actions actually matter like you do when you play a tabletop RPG style game.

Your website is lovely! Can you design one for me?

Thank you, but no. I work professionally as a web designer and while it is not expressly forbidden for me to do freelance work, I personally find it ethically questionable to do so. Even if I did not feel that way, I work long hours and do not want to come back home and work even more after my commute. Sorry.

What is your gamer handle? Can we play online sometime?

My online handle is essentially the exact same across all platforms (@Alceriniel).

Unfortunately, if I don’t know you, then chances are that the answer to the second question is going to have to be a no. I have a select group of friends that I tend to play online with and I’m hesitant to randomly allow people into my guilds, party, groups etc if I haven’t ever spoken to you before. Please understand that this isn’t anything personal. If you want to try to get to know me better you could always reach out to me on twitter and start a conversation that way. If you aren’t a dick then maybe we could play together in the future.