Purple Color Palette: Purple Web Design Inspiration

You asked for a Purple Color Palette and now it is here!

It’s spring, and when I think spring, I think of the color purple. (Actually, I always think of the color purple! Look at my site!) But spring calls for more pastel color palettes. Unfortunately a purple color pallet can be difficult to create an online theme. Natural color complements (such as silver) can be difficult to replicate on a monitor. Luckily I like to play with hexadecimal codes! Below I have put together a purple theme for you to utilize either in your art or web design! I hope you enjoy it.

Hexadecimal Codes for Purple Dreams Color Palette

For your convenience here are the hexadecimal codes for the above color pallet so that you can copy & paste them as quickly as possible! If you have any additions to the palette, comment them below! I’ll happily add them to the above list to create an entire spectrum of colors that work together!









Have a Request for a Color Palette? Comment Below!

If a purple color palette isn’t your thing, then comment below! Making these palettes is super fun and I enjoy making them on the weekends. If you are more interested in blue for example (or are looking to design around a specific shade of blue) then comment below with the hex code for your color and I will happily add it to this site!

If you are interested in looking for more inspiration, check out my inspiration station category for monthly mood boards, design ideas and more! If you are in need of color palettes now, then check out Design Seeds for some instant inspiration!