Stardew Valley Multiplayer AND Extra New Content?

Since Stardew Valley first made it’s debut back in February of 2016 and became an overnight success, many fans might not have dreamed that they would be getting new content 2 years later at no extra cost. Luckily the creator and director of the game ConcernedApe isn’t ready to rest on his laurels just yet.

From adding new marriage candidates Shane & Emily in version 1.1 as well as the ability to create magical buildings via the Wizard’s tower (among other things), Stardew Valley manages to keep bringing fans back with continually updated content, but we really haven’t seen anything new since a bugfix patch back in July of 2017.

So what has ConcernedApe been working on all of this time?

 Stardew Valley Multiplayer: What We Know

Ever since Stardew Valley was originally released multiplayer has been requested by fans of the game so that we could co-run our farms and raise animals with our friends. This feature was wanted to badly that makeshift multiplayer mods were created and shared by fans of the games. Unfortunately these mods were glitchy and often had strange restrictions added on to them.

The newest implementation of the game would require that the host player build a shack or small house on their farm that their friends would then “claim” and live inside. At least four additional players will be able to visit and work on a shared farm; however, the actual maximum number of players is still (as of yet) unknown.

It has also been revealed that you will have the ability to marry your visiting friends, and even take part in festivals together as well. It also appears that the visiting player houses may be customized to some degree.

Originally the multiplayer function was going to enter beta testing for the PC during the 4th quarter of 2017, but was pushed back into Q1 of 2018. Did you make it into the beta testing stage? Comment below and tell us how you feel about working alongside (and possibly marrying!) your best friend in Pelican Town.

 Solo Player Content and Extra Goodies

While ConcernedApe made it clear that he was putting the bulk of his effort into getting Stardew Valley Multiplayer finalized and updated, it has been leaked that there are a few solo-styled goodies coming to those of us who just don’t play well with others. Updates such as edits to the profession system that will allow you to re-specialize your character, and a new winter-based collection are being added to the game in the next major update.

There are even some more fun aesthetic changes that will be taking place as well. Customizable signs are being added to help categorize the trees veggies on your farm, and even additional decor objects that you can place outside as well. There is even a possible new fishing-based location that  he has shared a bit on twitter that has fans confused but excited.

 Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Cost & Mod Support

Because ConcernedApe is nothing like Electronic Arts (EA) and is quite possibly one of the best developers on the known planet, the update will cost current owners of the game absolutely nothing. Furthermore, there seem to be no plans whatsoever to boost the current cost of the game either. (Currently $14.99 on Steam.)

Unfortunately when the game updates mods will undoubtedly be affected. Any mods that changed or updated core game’s .xnb files & maps will most likely be a casualty of the update. Before you update your game for the new release it might be in your best interest to zip your old Stardew Valley root folder and back it up, or make a list of all of the mods you are currently using. Don’t forget that there are awesome mods such as XNB Loader that will allow you to drop in mods but not overwrite your core files, and they won’t be overwritten when STEAM checks and overwrites any core files that were altered during your game modifications.

When is the Official Update Dropping?

Unfortunately this is a question with no clear answer. While we do know that the beta testing for multiplayer is meant to be released before April of 2018, we don’t know how wide of a release it will be. It is entirely possible that you will be able to choose to update your game to the beta release via the steam store if you so choose; however, it is also possible that it will be a limited beta as well.

So what is your opinion of the update? Are you excited to play with friends, or have you been Stardew-ed out? Comment below and let me know! If you are planning on playing, I look forward to visiting your farms soon!