Image of The Stardew Valley Logo, set against an image of the Farmhouse and female farmer.

At this point, who hasn’t enjoyed the farm simulator Stardew Valley? Since it’s release on Steam in February of 2016, it has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews by it’s players. But lets be honest, we don’t play PC games to leave them as they are, we on our computers to mod the ever-loving shit out of them. So for your modding enjoyment, I have amassed a list of my favorite Stardew Valley Mods for your farming enjoyment! I’ll make a different post where I put my favorite character portrait & map recolors at a later time.

1.) The 15×15 Greenhouse by bambolambo

Image displaing the Stardew Valley Greenhouse ModIf you are the type of person who needs to have everything be symmetrical on your farm at all times, then you might also be the type of person who has an unrelenting hatred of how the default Greenhouse interior is designed.

bambolambo has made a fairly simple and elegant modification to allow you to house a few more plants in your greenhouse, and make sure that your iridium sprinklers will line up with absolute perfection.

If you are looking for an even larger greenhouse legotaz has created an even bigger version, and the amazing Plutey has managed to mod a 4 room GreenMansion for your indoor gardening enjoyment.

Image displaying what the artifact spots look like when replaced with the Digspots mod.Artifact hunting is probably one of my favorite past-times in Stardew, (well, besides fishing, but that is largely due to my self-loathing issues), but those little worm-twigs that signify a digspot can be hard as hell to locate when they aren’t on that yellow dirt.

Thankfully Lechet was kind enough to create a mod that makes these digspots a bit easier on the eyes. This particular mod is also compliant with the 1.1 release of the game (which is important because past versions of the mod caused sprite & characters to disappear due to the file that was replaced in the original mod.)

If you are really into artifact hunting, you could pair this mod with the More Artifact Spots mod by momoaau to really jump start your collectables collection!

*Also if you prefer treasure chests or dinosaur egg markers for your dig spots, Drogean has created 2 pretty neat modifications as well!

3.) NPC Map Locations Mod by Bouhm

Image displaying the Stardew Valley Mod - NPC Minimap

One of the fun things about Stardew Valley is that the villagers all have unique personalities and schedules. The schedule thing is also one of the things that sucks balls when you are trying to find someone to turn in a quest or max out their friendship points.

Bouhum’s mod takes all of the annoyance & foolishness out of stalking your potential love interests by letting you customize the mini-map to find anyone, anytime. The mod itself does require that you also have SMAPI v1.3 installed on your machine, but it is well worth the trouble, as this particular mod is incredibly flexible and allows you to customize pretty much everything on your mini-map that you could possibly want.

4.) No Soil Decay by ThatNorthernMonkey

Another SMAPI required mod, but one that is well worth the trouble. This simple yet elegant mod keeps your soil from reverting to untilled status unless you hit it with the pickaxe. This mod is great if you are the type of person who likes to have all of your plots planned out and ready in advance.

There is a weird bug where fertilizer will randomly disappear (even if under a growing/mature plant); however, I think that might have more to do with the way that the fertilizer is programmed to work rather than the mod itself.

5.) Animal Mood Fix by Grant Peters

Image of a cow from Stardew Valley with a heart over it's headThis mod is (in my opinion) essential because it fixes 2 major issues within the Animal Husbandry system that Stardew Valley has:

1.) When animals are at Max Mood and are petted, they revert back to 0 mood.
2.) When animals are experiencing high mood, they produce fewer (or in some cases 0) products

These bugs have to do with several factors, but it mostly boils down to some fidgety code that the mod squeaks around to fix these problems until an official patch is released. If you are curious as to the programming logic behind these bugs you can check here at the wiki to see how and why these bugs are occurring, and get an idea of what this mod does to fix the problem.

This mod does require SMAPI, so grab and install that little bugger if you haven’t had the chance to do so already.