These Undated Weekly Planner Templates are absolutely gorgeous and you can use them literally forever! I’ve found these little beauties all over the internet and gathered them up here for your enjoyment. The best part? They are all undated! So you can use them for as long as you have ink in your printers! All credit is due to the original artists. Make sure that you comment on their posts and give them lots of love for putting these amazing pages out into the world for your enjoyment.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our free printable roundups as well! I am always on the lookout for new and beautiful printables to add the That’s Pretty Geeky archive!

 Weekly Planner Templates

To-Do List Style Weekly Planner Template by Designer Blogs Studio

Bright & Cheery Weekly Planner Template by

Minimalist Beauty Weekly Planner Template by Heather Ink

Striped & Hexy Weekly Planner Template by The Handmade Home

Bold But Simple Weekly Planner Template by Scattered Squirrel

Simple One Page Weekly Planner Template by Emma’s Studyblr

 Weekly Planner Templates: Printing Notes

Each image links to the post or page on the creator’s website where the planner can be downloaded. Size of the printable can vary; however, with a little finagling you can make any of the below printables fit into your planner. Play with sizing in Adobe Acrobat or Photoshop to get the planner pages the exact size that you need.

Planner Printable Recommendations

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